Program and upload code to ESP32-CAM using FT232RL Adapter

Using FT232RL USB To Serial Adapter program and upload code to the ESP32-CAM board with Arduino IDE.

ESP32-CAM FT232RL USB Adapter

ESP32-CAM Board Settings:

  • Board: “ESP32 Wrover Module”
  • Upload Speed: “921600”
  • Flash Frequency: “80MHz”
  • Flash Mode: “QIO”
  • Partition Scheme: “Huge APP (3MB No OTA)”
  • Core Debug Level: “None”
  • COM Port: Depends On Your System
  • GPIO 0 must be connected to GND to upload a sketch
  • After connecting GPIO 0 to GND, press the ESP32-CAM on-board RESET button to put your board in flashing mode